Global Medical Advisors Private Health Management

GLOBAL MEDICAL ADVISORS® (GMA) offers personalized and confidential medical concierge and private health management to individuals and families worldwide.
Our mission is to be your lifetime healthcare partner – to ensure that you will have the best care when you need it, and where you need it.


Needing medical care is stressful under the best of circumstances. These days, whether you reside in the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world, you often face bureaucratic hassles, and overemphasis on testing and procedures. In addition, there may be concerns around lack of privacy and unacknowledged conflicts of interest.

In response to this growing need, medical concierge concepts are now being promoted by numerous companies, many of which are operated as a referral service by business professionals, and not by doctors. Some hospitals offer VIP concierge service, but mainly promote their own brand. By contrast, GLOBAL MEDICAL ADVISORS accesses an independent network of world-class doctors who can provide you with a global insider perspective on medical research and practice trends. Combined with an understanding of the requirements of the busy world citizen, we shield you and your loved ones from the challenges of 21st century medical care.

GLOBAL MEDICAL ADVISORS was founded and is operated by Maurice Preter MD, an internationally practicing, renowned doctor and Columbia University professor, assisted by a select group of preeminent colleagues. We pride ourselves in leading the way in truly private health advisory and management.

We currently offer the following programs:

1. Our SELECT service is dedicated to the private health management of individuals and families worldwide. If you and your family’s demanding lifestyle requires an international presence, if you are managing multiple businesses and residences, GMA will assist you with preserving your health, and whenever necessary, with finding the optimal solutions to restoring your health. The service includes periodic executive physical examinations, the establishment and regular update of your portable medical record, and custom-tailored preventative and longevity management.

2. Second Opinion Referral Service: If you have a specific medical problem that requires a level of expertise beyond what is currently available to you, we will identify the best-matching physician/surgeon or group of physicians/surgeons anywhere in the world. Our referrals are independent of hospital brand. The only consideration is world-class expertise. Our only responsibility is to you, our client. You can choose between remote review (medical chart only), videoconference, and in-person visit with your suggested medical consultant, or group of consultants, anywhere in the world.

GLOBAL MEDICAL ADVISORS organizes your Second Opinion Referral consultation from A to Z. We take care of all aspects of the process: Medical chart collection, translation and transmission, transportation, interpreter, patient-friendly hotels and apartment lodgings in proximity of the hospital or private doctor’s office. Similar to your attorneys when dealing with an important business negotiation, or your accountants taking care of your taxes, we make sure you receive answers to all the questions you may have, in the utmost privacy and comfort.

Global Medical Advisors – Your Health Care Mission Control.